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Centre Philosophy

At Tewantin Early Learning Centre we believe a happy, welcoming environment will promote a sense of wanting to belong. Our educators strive to develop an atmosphere of trust, security, respect and mutual understanding among each other. We aim to empower children to become positive members of our community. We will achieve this by being joyful; speaking positively, asking questions and listening to children’s voices. To reflect a child’s ownership and belonging, we will display artwork and family photos and ask for input to their Room activities and include their ideas.    

Sustainability & our connections to the Environment
We believe we share the responsibility to educate future generations about sustainability. As a community, we are committed to reducing our current environmental impact and the impression we have on the carbon footprint. To enact our commitment to sustainable practices, educators will model and discuss the importance of being water wise. We will Reduce, Reuse & Recycle materials, equipment and resources where we can and save documents electronically. To demonstrate our connection to the environment our program will include natural resources to allow children the freedom to explore and provide natural environments such as the veggie garden to nurture; develop and provide a place to escape.

Teaching and Learning
Tewantin Early Learning Centre recognises children as individuals and commits to developing the whole child. Our programs are planned to reflect the child’s world – their interests, skill level and knowledge. We value the importance of learning through play; we believe this develops in children a lifelong love of learning. The fun teaching and learning environments provide opportunities for children and educators to question, extend, inspire, experiment and explore that develop independence and responsibility. Our programs provides families with creative and informative evidence of their child’s learning. We provide learning environments that are flexible and open-ended with appropriate levels of challenge where children are encouraged to explore, experiment and take supported risks in their learning.

Health & Wellbeing
We believe that good nutrition and personal hygiene is essential to healthy living. This enables children to be active participants in their physical wellbeing and learning. Tewantin Early Learning Centre promotes a healthy environment by providing a range of active and restful experiences. Educators also promote a healthy environment through modelling personal health and hygiene routines, and incorporating it in play. Social relationships are nurtured by listening, role-modelling and supporting children to negotiate conflict, friendships and group play. We believe this supports their emotional wellbeing, co-operation, collaboration and learning as an individual.

At Tewantin Early Learning Centre we work in partnership with our families to build and contribute to a strong and inclusive community within our service. We achieve this by honouring the lifestyle choices of our families and keeping communications open. It is important for us that our environment reflects the lives of our children which facilitates and promotes a sense of inclusion. We invite involvement from all parties i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, community organisations and companies and source additional support from external agencies.

We believe our whole team are Educators – including room Educators, the Director and the Owners. We are dedicated to best practice for children and to providing flexible learning environments which support the holistic way that children learn. At Tewantin Early Learning Centre we are committed to ongoing training to ensure a high quality of care and engage in regular reflection; professional conversations; goal-setting and we make decisions as a Team. We are proud of our Leaders and Educators who work individually and collaboratively towards the same goals and outcomes.

Our Communities
We view ourselves as a community within a community. Our interactions with the broader community influence our decisions about the care and education we provide. We encourage family involvement in, and value their feedback on, our programs. Educators recognise the importance of home life, parents and educators in the child’s development. We seek feedback and information about the child, their individual needs and kinship practices via conservations, surveys, e-mail and Profile Sheets, to reflect the world they and we live in. Respecting family privacy and maintaining confidentiality is paramount.

Tewantin Early Learning Centre is proud of our dedication to nurture children to reach their full potential... to be self-confident, resilient and independent learners. We believe warm, caring and respectful interactions are the basis of high quality care and education. To reflect the holistic manner in which we enact Our Philosophy, educators will draw on their intuition and imagination to help them adjust their practice to suit individual children. We are gentle in our interactions, respecting individual feelings and respond in a considerate manner when children share their ideas and feelings. Educators are caring, affectionate and predictable adults.

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